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For theme park designers, immersion, interactive, and virtual reality are what spells the future. Every year, the Themed Entertainment Association (TEA) Summit is held as a way for leaders in the theme park design industry to get together and compare notes on trends in a business that is generally kept largely under wraps. The TEA summit functions as a Switzerland in the theme park business, providing a forum for theme park designers to learn from each other and move forwards as an industry. Many dimensions are being added to many theme parks around the works, such as virtual reality to existing rides like roller coasters such as what Six Flags Magic Mountain did to their Revolution roller coaster in 2016. Read on to learn more about the ways that theme parks are, more and more, demanding interactive and virtual reality elements such as an interactive wall. Breeze Creative is an interactive experience design company who develops unique experiences and products through physical and virtual elements that intrigue and dazzle the eye for parks and museums worldwide. Contact Breeze Creative’s offices in Miami today for a consultation!

Interactive Virtual Reality Designs Are A Growing Trend

In the theme park industry as well as other types of arenas, interactivity and virtual reality are becoming more and more popular. Mack Rides in the Europa Park in Germany upgraded its aging Pegasus Coastiality coaster with virtual reality in 2016, and since then has made the addition to 28 other coasters at locations all around the globe. Mack states that virtual reality is a way to provide value and thrills to an older coaster while avoiding the expense of totally taking it down and building a new one. Virtual reality is also floating into water parks through the form of “slideboarding,” which is a ride that consists of riders on a “slideboard.” The slideboard holds a video game-type controller that is waterproof and goes down a water slide. Riders are able to press colored buttons to match the various colors they see inside the tube in order to score points for accuracy as they are going down. In France, theme park Puy de Fou adds education and history to their immersive technologies to give visitors a live experience. The park offers large-scale live shows that utilize the history of France as a backdrop, and the shows feature large-scale epic stories that host sword play, knights, horses, and battles. There are also “villages” near the arenas where you can see “villagers” live and work in these medieval eras.

We Work With Top Theme Park Designers

Here at Breeze Creative, we are known for the use of a variety of interactive technologies in order to reinvigorate and bring life back to any Family Entertainment Center, Children’s Museum, or Digital Playground. We specialize in edutainment products such as an interactive wall, and our offerings are able to be customized in both content and in scale so that your visitors can receive the experience that you specifically want.

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We at Breeze Creative work with top theme park designers worldwide to create amazing interactive experiences, from an interactive wall to an animated sandbox. Contact Breeze Creative’s Miami office today for your interactive virtual reality experience needs!

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