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The Evolution of Museum Exhibits & Gallery from Then to Now

It is no secret that for years, museum exhibits have been anything, but captivating. However, that is all about to change thanks to the new museum exhibit design that is being seen worldwide! Companies like Breeze Creative have begun helping businesses take rather mundane content and turn it into something eye-catching and exciting. People were only visiting museums to see famous works of art not for the actual experience of going to the museum, but designers are working extremely hard to change that, and they’re well on their way!

How The Evolution of Museum Exhibits Is Changing Everything

Advancements in technology have changed everything, so it’s only natural that museum exhibit design is next. For years museums and art galleries have been trying to find a way to obtain the most sought after collections to ensure a steady flow of traffic and ways to increase visitor engagement as well as appeal to a younger demographic. Finally, thanks to technology, they may have found a way. Now, as you walk through a museum, there are QR codes at each of the displays that you can scan with your phone or tablet to receive more in-depth information about the piece you are viewing. There are also self-directed tours that can be downloaded to any smartphone or device so you can enjoy the information a guide would provide while going at your own pace. These changes have created a more individualized experience that a lot of visitors crave.

Another new addition to galleries and museums alike is storytelling a soundscapes. Companies have begun partnering with artists and museums to create audio, multi-media presentations, and digital tours that can be downloaded by visitors. It has been proven that sound is a very powerful medium that can transform an experience and force people to become more aware of their surroundings, which is something that is typically missing from exhibits at a museum where you’re told to be quiet and not make noise. When you take the sound and mix it with technology to create not just a guide with information, but an interactive story, the visitors become much more engaged in what they are viewing. Not only are museums trying to create downloadable content for visitors to access, but they are also trying to develop specific locations within the museum or gallery where people can go to and experience storytelling and soundscapes in person. Some of these locations are already being established in Paris, Barcelona, and Munich. Story-telling and soundscapes aren’t the only advances museums are making. They are also looking to integrate virtual reality into their exhibits to further engage visitors and increase their traffic. Museum directors are looking for ways to digitally show their works, so they are able to break through the barriers and restrictions of a typical museum or gallery experience.

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