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Museum Activities for Kids: What's Best For Your Museum?

Museums have come a long way in the last decade. Exhibits are now immersive and interactive. This is an excellent experience for children to get hands-on learning and become excited with the subject set before them. Here at Breeze Creative, we take pride in providing the best museum activities that will make your museum the best in the city. We also feature an interactive wall! Located in the United States, we are here for everyone!

What Is Better?

Analog versus digital? New age versus old school? We will let you decide. When you hear the term digital, this includes anything having audio, video, computers, motorized components, or basically anything that plugs in and does more than light up. As for analog exhibits, this includes manipulatives, slider panels, flip panels, ect.

With both types, one thing is certain. You can't overdo it! Also, it can't be too boring. No one wants to see the same technology repeated over and over with slight changes, so vary your message delivery ideas. We are here today to provide some tips on how to make your exhibit, whatever it may be, one to remember.

Helpful Tips For Museum Activities

  • Message This "message" can be thought of as a chapter in the narrative that runs through the entire museum. The message should drive the physical displays. Consider the addition of audio, video, or computer graphics.

  • Budget You want to be able to effectively communicate the message using the means that hit your budget but also cause your visitor to return to relate to the material you are providing.

  • Audience Different people learn in different ways. Keep exhibits interesting by varying the delivery medium.

  • Time If you have the luxury of time and an adequate budget, and your message is best conveyed with something other than a graphic with a static message and a hands-on exhibit, a Digital interactive exhibit may be even better.

  • Upkeep Whether it be lubricating, adjusting, or sanitizing, there will be periodic downtime if not routinely maintained. Electronic exhibits tend to be more maintenance-free but are not without their own issues.

  • Entertainment Why not make learning fun and entertaining? Museums don't have to be stale vaults of information and artifacts. On the contrary, a museum exhibit can be tailored to different ages using different technologies and media–a combination of Analog and Digital even, to stimulate different types of learning.

Call Us and Try an Interactive Wall

Breeze Creative is an interactive exhibition design company dedicated to creative interactive art installations for museum exhibits with museum activities. It is your job to make the best kids science museum to keep them always wanting to come back! We develop unique products using physical and virtual elements that amaze and intrigue. This includes a sensory table for toddlers and also an augmented reality sandbox.

We utilize a variety of interactive technologies that bring life to any Family Entertainment Center, Children's Museum, or Digital Playground. Have you ever considered an interactive wall? Our suite of edutainment products can be customized both in content and in scale, ensuring that your visitors get the experience you want. Call us today. We are worldwide.

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