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Captivate Repeat Visitors At Your Kids Science Museum

Are you looking for a fun and creative way to ensure you get returning guests to your museum? Have you thought of ways to make your exhibit more captivating? Here at Breeze Creative, our professionals are here to make sure your kid's science museum is the best in the United States. We have all the technology you need, including an interactive wall.

Make Your Exhibits More Captivating

Not all museums rely on a large base of artifacts to shape and tell the prevailing stories. In today's world, children are more fascinated by a hands-on experience. However, for those that do, showing constraint in not displaying everything at once is a big win for repeat visitors. We recommend keeping some of the displays, collections, and storytelling from permanent viewing. This allows for the rotation of content throughout the year, improving the chance of repeat visitors wishing to explore a new topic or observe a new collection. You need to keep it fresh and interesting.

The Different Types of Displays For A Kids Science Museum

Outlier Exhibit: These are the easiest to identify. Do you have a prominent story or collection of artifacts that holds its own but still relates to the more significant message? Devote a display to this content to be visible periodically throughout the year. Make sure to be cognitive in segregating these components so that it does not diminish the impact of the larger message/story.

Sub-Story: When looking at the many interlocking sub-stories forming the bigger story, there are often an abundance of smaller artifacts or perhaps personal stories that can seem overwhelming. These are great opportunities to establish Sub-Story displays that can be rotated to engage repeat visitors. Form small displays around such content that add further comprehension of the broader topic.

Seasonal Exhibit: Seasonal rotating exhibits can be a special treat for repeat visitors. Do you have an Outlier or Sub-Story exhibit that chronicles a specific time of year? By relating to a holiday, season, or annual event, seasonal exhibits give audiences a new way to engage with an exhibit.

Traveling Exhibit: Are there other local museums in the area interested in arranging a traveling exhibit? This can work both to give your audience new content and also broaden your message/story to other locations, thus growing your exposure.

Or You Keep Your Exhibit Interactive With an Interactive Wall!

Breeze Creative is an interactive exhibition design company dedicated to creative interactive art installations for museum exhibits. It is your job to make the best kids science museum to keep them always wanting to come back! We develop unique products using physical and virtual elements that amaze and intrigue. This includes a sensory table for toddlers and also an augmented reality sandbox.

We utilize a variety of interactive technologies that bring life to any Family Entertainment Center, Children's Museum, or Digital Playground. Have you ever considered an interactive wall? Our suite of edutainment products can be customized both in content and in scale, ensuring that your visitors get the experience you want. Call us today. We are worldwide.

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