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COVID-19: Maintaining Sustainable Social Distancing Guidelines Using Interactive Technologies

As the world continues living through the coronavirus pandemic, businesses have needed to adjust their daily operations to meet guidelines set by the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention to ensure all employees and patrons are safe and healthy. Businesses such as warehouses, logistics and distribution centers, airports, hospitals, and grocery stores are all considered essential and cannot work remotely. They’ve been following guidelines such as social distancing and wearing face masks or coverings. To properly implement social distancing, businesses have had to reconfigure their workspaces, which includes designating 6-foot work areas, separating workstations with partitions, implement

Educational Products at Breeze

The use of technology in schools has significantly increased over the past few years. From the introduction to hardware like Smart Boards, to software like iReady and Edmodo, technology continues to shift the way children are learning. Technology continues to prove time and time again that it benefits children in many ways by enhancing their educational experience. Here at Breeze, we are big advocates of using technology in schools to support the curriculum, and we are eager for students to return to school in a safe and healthy environment. We are committed not only to providing unique, fun experiences for users, but also to providing unique educational experiences for children as well. Our

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