The Wall of Interactions is an interactive wall projection system with a variety of games and displays. This magic mirror can distort reality or use a range of filters to give the viewer an other-worldly appearance. Children will dance and play in front of it and adults will be inspired to share and post the videos and photos they take of themselves.

In Motion Graffit, hand movements will create brush strokes, promoting physical activity and visual engagement. This mesmerizing interactivity allows users to create a virtual work of art on a digital surface.

The Kinectris is a multi-user interactive application that allows players to experience the classic game of Tetris in a whole new way. Body positions are detected by the system to create a Tetris puzzle piece, mimicking the shape the player has made. The piece will come down and fall into place where the player is standing in real-time. Play alone or with friends and see who can create the most complicated shapes! ​


There are a variety of themes and experiences that can be purchased as is or modified for your location's needs as well as customized requests. Start creating an interactive wall projection system for your facility today.

Themes available for purchase:

Wall of Interactions

Motion Graffiti

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Aquarium Games
Animated Sandbox
Selfie Wall
Pic Me On
Digital Ball Wall
Virtual Tag
Dynamic Floor
Quantum Space
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