Imagine having the floor beneath you come to life with games, activities, and more! Experience this with our Dynamic Floor. Using an interactive floor projector, moving graphics and games appear on the ground and react to hand movements, feet movements, and gestures.


Dynamic Floor comes in many themes and games, including educational math, science, and reading themes, sports and dancing games, competitive play games, and much more.  Dynamic Floor encourages physical activity, coordination, and movement, making it a great fit for sports and recreational facilities. It also supports elementary school curriculum with over 25 educational themes to choose from and teaches students interpersonal skills and how to collaborate, making it an all-around great solution for children of all ages. 

Our interactive floor projector fits seamlessly into any business, including commercial businesses, family entertainment centers, schools and educational institutions, sports and recreational facilities, and much more. 


  Projection size, graphics, and themes can be customized for any client and venue.

Dynamic Floor at The Cartoon Network Hotel

interactive floor projector games
interactive floor projector for kids
interactive floor projector for kids

Dynamic Floor at Trolls the Experience

floor projector for kids
floor projector games

Dynamic Floor at Miami Children's Museum

interactive floor games
interactive floor projector

Dynamic Floor Gallery

interactive projection games
interactive floor
sensory floor projector
interactive projector games
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