Watch your drawings come to life with Draw Alive! With this interactive digital drawing game, children can color in creatures and animals and watch them virtually come alive on a large screen with the help of our scanning technology. Once their drawings are scanned, children can watch their masterpieces swim, fly, and move throughout a virtual world.

Draw Alive teaches children about arts and crafts and creativity in a fun and unique way.


Draw Alive is available in paper, tablet, and mobile form.

Our five available themes are bright, exciting, and have enhanced graphics. We can also work directly with you to customize a theme. 


This unique, best-selling product can be found at museums and educational centers worldwide.

Breeze Creative is dedicated to ensuring our products are designed and installed for longevity and guaranteed success.

"Today is the first day that the Draw Alive exhibit has been fully open to visitors, and we are already getting great reviews! Staff members and visitors are very impressed with the Draw Alive!"

                  -           John Krekelberg

                              Director of Technical Experiences

"We wanted to prepare something new and exciting. This technology is for children of all ages plus family groups and adds a new dimension to a fun day out."

-                           Phil Knowling

 Communications Manager

"We installed Draw Alive as our new Summer, 2019 exhibit!  We had great expectations that it would draw excitement for kids; however, we've really been surprised at how much adults enjoy it as well!"

-                        Terry Bryant

Executive Director

Available Themes

Marine Life




Farm Animals






Our best-selling interactive is now available in a mobile version! Users will be able to experience the magic of Draw Alive on their own personal mobile devices! 

How it Works:

Step 1: Clients plug in hardware that is pre-installed with our Draw Alive software to their own screens or monitors via HDMI cable. Once the device is turned on, the selected Draw Alive theme will appear on the screen. Internet is required.

 Step 2: Users will go to iDrawAlive.com on their own mobile devices and log in using the special code shown on the screen. They will then choose a drawing, color it in, send it, and watch it appear on the big screen!

Mobile Draw Alive is a simple plug-and-play solution that promotes safety by using one's own mobile device. It's great for restaurants, waiting areas, and more!

Contact us for more information.

NEW! Mobile Draw Alive

Paper Edition at The Land of Legends Resort

tlol da.jpg
tlol da 3.jpg

Paper Edition at Frisby Restaurant

WhatsApp Image 2020-01-09 at 7.23.14 PM.

Tablet Edition at LaGuardia Airport


Tablet Edition at Ripley's New York

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