Imagine being young again and playing in the sandbox at your neighborhood park and watching the sand come to life with animals and water as you dig and move it around. That's exactly what our Animated Sandbox does! This augmented reality sandbox is an exciting and educational interactive experience in which users can change and redesign virtual landscapes and topographies. Users will explore, create, and learn using their imaginations and our augmented reality technology.


How it works: users will pile up or dig out sand to make mountains, hills, plains, and bodies of water, teaching them about Earth’s topography using augmented reality. A sensor will detect the physical changes of sand and the projection will adjust accordingly in real time.  Animals will react to the environment and roam only where they are found in their natural habitats. This tabletop sandbox is perfect for museums, science centers, and more! 


Themes available for purchase:

Marine Life






Bugs World


“ The Animated Sandbox is our first foray into Augmented Reality at the Museum and it’s a delight to kids of all ages and abilities.  The therapeutic sand and comforting nature of the exhibit fits right in with our inclusive ethic as well as our desire to continue using innovative technology to teach."


                                                                                                          -     Jennifer Stancil, President and CEO

                                                                                                                 Glazer Children's Museum in Tampa, Florida

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