Animated Sandbox
A hands-on sandbox with projected interactive layers that create a wondrous and intriguing experience.
Draw Alive
These interactive exhibits allow children to color creatures and figures and watch them come alive in a virtual world.
Digital Ball Wall
An extraordinary projected wall that reacts to colorful balls that are thrown at it.
Quantum Space
These interactive exhibits are an immersive visual experience that turns any space into an art show.
Motion Reactive Walls
Hilarious distorted, warped, and filtered images that will have your guests posting and sharing their memories.
Dynamic Floor
The amazing product that turns any regular floor into a unique game zone.
Virtual Tag
An interactive wall in which children need to tag the projected characters.
Selfie Wall
A photo kiosk that projects selfies on a huge screen as part of a virtual world.
AR Head Tracker
A variety of wacky hats and crazy glasses will magically appear on anyone who passes this group interactive.
AR Zoo
An amazing Augmented Reality Zoo experience for visitors of all ages.
Augmented Book
The Augmented Book brings any story to life by animating the pages as the viewer turns them.
Street Run
An enhanced running video game in which players need to physically jump from side to side to control the game avatar.
Aquarium Games
Various entertaining games and interactive applications designed especially for aquariums and related theme parks.


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Breeze Creative is an interactive experience design company. We develop unique products using physical and virtual elements that amaze and intrigue.
We utilize a variety of interactive technologies that bring life to any Family Entertainment Center, Children's Museum or Digital Playground. Our suite of edutainment products can be customized both in content and in scale, ensuring that your visitors get the experience you want.
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